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Private Sessions


We offer private lessons in person for local clients and via Skype or Facetime for long-distance students. Please contact us to schedule.

Initial Consultation (90 minutes): $120 

Single Session (60 ​minutes): $80

Foundation Series (consultation + 5 sessions): $500

Based on our years of research and personal experience as hypermobile yogis, this series will give you the foundation for understanding hypermobility as expressed in your body, principles for modifying yoga poses to build strength and stability, strategies for building awareness, and ways to safely cultivate release. You'll receive customized practices and notes from each session.

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This 90-minute in-person or virtual session combines our research and personal experience as hypermobile yogis and yoga therapists to provide you with an overview of what you need to know about hypermobility as a yoga teacher. You'll learn what to look for and basic principles of cuing students so they can practice poses in a way that supports their body and helps prevent instability and injury. 

Cost: $120


This one-to-one teacher training module includes the Foundations course and delves deeper into the principles of teaching yoga to hypermobile students so they can enjoy the healing potential of yoga and help prevent damage to joints or tissues. In five 60-minute in-person or virtual sessions, we'll cover:

  1. What hypermobility is, the many ways it can present, its impact on the body and mind, and how it can affect a yoga practice (including different styles of yoga).
  2. Principles of practicing with hypermobility and approaches to teaching hypermobile students.
  3. Specific approaches and adaptations for over 20 poses.

We'll follow these sessions with two 30-minute follow-up mentoring calls to answer your questions and deepen your skills in working with hypermobile students.

Cost: Foundations + five 60-minute sessions + two 30-minute mentoring calls + lots of notes: $580 

(Please contact us for pricing for small groups.)

{coming soon: full-day experiential training}